I will ALWAYS recommend Judy!

Being first time homeowners, my fiancé and I did not know where to even begin when looking for a house! My future mother in law recommended that we go through Judy and we called her straight away. The first hint that she was going to be amazing was that we actually called her on a Saturday  afternoon, she answered, and we had a showing scheduled for the next day within two hours – talk about timely! Judy made sure to always be available for any and every question and answered all of them thoroughly. Once we put in an offer on a house, she kept us in the loop about what part of the process we were in, what next steps we needed to take, and even allowed us to docusign everything since my fiancé and I don’t always have time off together. When another offer came in on the house she made it a point to contact me right away so that we could put in another offer! This offer landed us the home! Having moved into our brand new home, I will ALWAYS recommend Judy! I honestly believe that if we had had another agent, this process wouldn’t have been as smooth and successful as it was!